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The very best? You continue to have total control over how quickly you get to the top, how much you spend, and how long you remain there. And Silicon Toronto’s PPC Campaign Management team uses the most recent pay-per-click (PPC) technology, apps, and formulae to maximize your ROI

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Continuous Watch

Never taking our eyes off the road is essential to getting the most out of your paid digital advertising spend. Every day, we keep an eye on everything. The greatest approach to continuously enhance your marketing is to do this.

We Prepare Google to Fight for Your Business

Data is the key ingredient in Silicon Toronto's PPC marketing tactics. robust, rich data. We feed the Google ad engine more and more as we have more. And your advertising strategies improve.

Reporting that is Responsible & Responsive

You get even more benefits from deep data. You get total transparency about the acts we take, the reasons we do them, and the benefits you received. It serves as your justification for your wise investment.

Our 5 Steps to High-ROI PPC Advertising



Tell us about your business, your goals, and where you want to go. And don’t be shy. Working together, there’s no limit to how far we can take it.



We’ll find out what your competitors are up to, research the highest-value keywords, and identify the best opportunities for high-impact, high-value campaigns.



Leveraging the knowledge gained and the data compiled, we develop a custom, targeted strategy to grow your business, within the timeframe and budget you specify.



All the right tools and all the deep data only help you if they are strategically managed. Silicon Toronto’s digital marketing team launches and guides your campaign to its highest potential for success.


TMO (Track, Measure & Optimize)

You can only improve what you measure. We track and measure everything. Unceasingly. It’s the only way we know to constantly prove and improve the performance of your program.

In order to support all corporate objectives and aims, paid search has significantly changed. Sales, leads, internet traffic, product or brand recognition, and mobile app marketing are a few examples.

We can assist you in developing various campaign kinds that may help you reach those objectives since every organization is different.
These may consist of:

  • Network Search Display Online Shopping Campaign
  • Campaign using an app and a video
  • PPC extends beyond search advertisements

Additional PPC advertising examples are shown below:

  • Banner ads for retargeting Mobile click-to-call-only ads
  • Ads in local map searches
  • Sponsored video ads on YouTube
  • Product shopping ads on e-commerce

Methodology and Opportunities for SEM and PPC

You need well-researched objectives as well as knowledge of the current possibilities and barriers. Analytics and sophisticated keyword research techniques form the basis of our process.

The SEM/PPC services provided by Silicon Toronto provide more than simply a keyword bidding solution.
We pinpoint recurring themes as well as trouble spots or weak points.
Our main goal is to provide more efficient, less expensive, and traffic that converts.

Our comprehensive PPC campaign management software includes…

  • To increase market share and return on investment, concentrate on the main PPC network providers.
  • Create a recurring, personalised internet advertising campaign that encourages new traffic.
  • Decide geographically where your keyword-targeted advertising will appear.
  • Enhance quality ratings for PPC and bolster current ranks.
  • Adjust, purge, alter, and broaden current PPC campaigns.
  • To improve account performance, keep an eye on the outcomes and make adjustments often.
  • Investigate cutting-edge technology, market share growth potential, and trends.


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